318LADY-459 Yukino


●An 18-year-old art club in Harajuku ●Lucky lewd person in the midst of a broken heart ●Sexual blooming with a masturbation lecture ●Dark villus girl In the middle of a storm, the pick-up artist finally stopped me, a beautiful short-cut girl with a cute yellow backpack. An art club girl on her way to Harajuku to meet up with her girlfriend’s friends, and a heartbreaker who just broke up with her boyfriend yesterday. It seems like she doesn’t know where to apply the electric massager, so I give her some gentle support, and she’s so cute that she immediately does it ♪ It’s great that young girls react so quickly! Parting the villi of a fully grown villus that has not been taken care of at all, and inserting it from behind for an amazing 3P! She’s an honor student who won’t let go of your dick even if she’s in missionary position! She has a good memory of sex, so she’ll soon learn how it feels and it’ll be fun♪ She’s a beautiful girl with a promising future.

Date: November 2, 2023 Duration: 50:00
Pornstars: amateur
Studio: ladyhunter

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