EBOD-124 A Girl’s Body Is Chosen By Her Squirting Pussy. Harumi Asano


It was spring when Harumi joined the company. I’m not interested in the woman I work with. She was envied by those around her, but she only treated her as a subordinate. However, one day when she worked overtime, she was alone in the company. Partly due to the stress of her job, she attacked her. She kisses her hard and bites her plump breasts and big buttocks. A low, sexy gasp leaking from her plump lips also aroused. I squirted from her tight pussy when I fucked her cock. The documents on the desk are covered with dirty juice.

Date: July 13, 2010 Duration: 01:57:00
Pornstars: Harumi Asano
Studio: E-BODY

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