EBOD-156 A Woman’s Body Should Have Full, Pure-White Tits Sena Takanashi


There’s a woman I’m interested in right now. The woman always runs through the coastline on a large motorcycle at a fixed time. One weekend at midnight, I drove after her. The destination of the motorcycle is a certain multi-tenant building in Tokyo. When you step into the building, you can hear a pant voice that is too obscene. There was a woman who was crazy and masturbating. I was fascinated by the swaying huge breasts and the irritating hips. … an hour later. I was exhausted at the same time as her. I don’t remember clearly the contents of the sexual intercourse that I had with my heart. However, the sweat all over proved that she was the best hard fucker…

Date: June 10, 2011 Duration: 01:57:00
Pornstars: Sena Takanashi
Studio: E-BODY

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