EBOD-422 Fresh Face Discovery! This Girl Came to Tokyo From the Country on a Friend’s Introduction. We Coaxed the G-Cup Country Girl and Signed Her That Day to an Exclusive Contract for her AV Debut! Chiaki Sen


A congenital shy G-cup beautiful girl who blushes just by hearing the word cock has landed in the industry! ! Since she was born, she has only shown her nakedness to people who have dated her parents. Having sex with a stranger for the first time… Pleasure from the beginning and tears! ! A special recording of the awkward ban masturbation for the first time in my life! ! Don’t miss out on healthy and natural nice buddies who grew up on islands other than Honshu! !

Date: January 10, 2015 Duration: 02:08:00
Pornstars: Hana Chiaki
Studio: E-BODY

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