EBWH-067 The New Hairdresser’s Assistant Has A Personality That She Can’t Refuse… She’s Tall And Plump, And Serves As A Convenient Woman For The Senior Hairdressers… Asuna Hoshi


Get my own plump meat urinal! The new hairdresser apprentice admires my senior! A very convenient woman who does everything from cooking to washing to haircuts! Of course, if you call me, I’ll fuck you anytime 365 days a year! Height 170 cm B 100 cm (H) H 100 cm, you can hug the plump body as much as you want! Piston tone on the bullet body! ! An obedient masochistic woman who silently accepts my domineering with a smile no matter how much I fondle her breasts!

Date: February 20, 2024 Duration: 01:59:00
Pornstars: Asuna Hoshi
Studio: E-BODY

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