FSDSS-725 A Natural Busty Senior And A Virgin Junior Have Amazing Sex With 10 Ejaculations In A Shared Room On A Business Trip Elisa Kusunoki


Kusunoki-san, who has big natural breasts, and a male junior to her, go on a business trip together. That night, only one room was booked at the hotel…so we had no choice but to stay together in one room. Mr. Kusunoki asks a junior boy who is too upset about spending the night in a shared room, “Are you a virgin…?” From there, he succumbs to the heat of virginity and starts having sex… Even after the night ends, his sexual desire does not end, It’s hard to believe that she just graduated from virginity…The busty senior continued to be made to cum by the former virgin until she was about to check out.

Date: February 11, 2024 Duration: 02:04:00
Pornstars: Kusunoki Elisa
Studio: Faleno

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