JUQ-411 Off-paco TOKYO Expedition Where She Gives Her Virginity To A Married Woman She Met By Chance Through An Online Game Aoi Kachino


If you come to Tokyo, I’ll take your virginity away. ’7,000 yen round trip, about 8 hours one way. That’s a lot of money for someone like me who doesn’t even have a part-time job. But if I could meet that person, if I could have sex with that person, I wouldn’t regret it at all. I met her six months ago when she became my friend through an online game… Her name was “Ao”… She spent the night being tossed around by the express bus with faint expectations. And there she really is at the meeting place…

Date: November 17, 2023 Duration: 02:07:00
Pornstars: Aoi Ichino
Studio: Madonna

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