JUQ-431 Exposing A Married Woman A Public Record Of A Chaste Wife On The Outside, But A Perverted Wife On The Inside. Yuna Shiina


Do you know what “exposure” is? To publish my wife’s daily life and naked body on the internet and have it become a joke for strangers. One day I realized. That’s exactly what I was looking for… That’s when my girlfriend’s wife lost her keys and was waiting for me at the front door. Even though there was a courier there, he was crouching down and his pants were completely exposed. “That bastard… he’ll definitely make my wife a wank! ! ‘The moment I thought that, I felt an excitement like never before. and….

Date: November 17, 2023 Duration: 02:00:00
Pornstars: Yuna Shina
Studio: Madonna

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