JUQ-435 A Business Trip Entertainment Where The Arrogant President Of A Business Partner Kept Getting Creampied. Exclusive Beauty, Good Woman’s Suit “Beauty”. Fuji Plane


I guess I was assigned a big business meeting and had to go on a business trip. The reason why I was entrusted with this business negotiation… That’s because the company’s business partner, President Ozawa, was known for being a lover of women and arrogant. His plan was to bring her, the most beautiful woman in the company, to make her transaction a success, but… When her entertainment begins, Kanna is forced to have humiliating sex entertainment where her body is played with in front of her boss. She survives the sticky sexual harassment and returns to her accommodation, but her sexual entertainment with Ozawa has only just begun…

Date: November 17, 2023 Duration: 02:47:00
Pornstars: wisteria planer
Studio: Madonna

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