JUQ-439 During My Wife’s Pregnancy, I Was Forbidden To Even Masturbate, So I Had Sex With My Mother-in-law, Sayuri, Who Had Moved To Tokyo Many Times… Sayuri Hayama


In order to support my pregnant wife, my mother-in-law, Sayuri, came to Tokyo from my wife’s parents’ home. I was in a cold war with my girlfriend’s wife, and I was prohibited from drinking alcohol or masturbating, so I was confused by Sayuri’s seductiveness, but I remained sane. Then, one night, when I confessed my troubles in my work and personal life to Sayuri-san, she gently stroked my head and spoiled me. It didn’t stop there, and she reached out her hand to my crotch, which looked like it was about to burst, and said she was sorry for putting me through so much trouble because of her daughter…

Date: November 17, 2023 Duration: 01:59:00
Pornstars: Sayuri Hayama
Studio: Madonna

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