JUQ-459 Limited To 3 Sales Departments! ! I Was Healed By Mei, The Manager Of The Newly Established Soap Department…and My Cock And Sales Results Were On The Rise! ! Unlimited Ejaculation Course Mei Itsukaichi


Over the past six months, the performance of the three sales divisions has declined significantly. Due to his busy schedule, he was not able to go to the high-class soap (which he enjoyed every month), which was a treat for the 3rd section manager, Oki, and the morale of the employees was low. The managing director, concerned about this situation, makes a proposal to Mei, an employee of the 3rd section. A new soap department will be established and Mei will be appointed as its manager. Mei is naturally confused, but she is presented with a raise and conditions for her commission, and after weighing it up against the house loan, she accepts the offer and decides to become the soap section manager… .

Date: November 17, 2023 Duration: 02:36:00
Pornstars: Mei Itsukaichi
Studio: Madonna

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