JUQ-576 I’ve Been Having A Sex Friend Relationship With My Son’s Friend For Five Years Now. Playing With A Younger Child…I’m Drowning In A Creampie Affair. Shoko Matsumoto


On that day five years ago, I crossed the line into infidelity. When my girlfriend’s husband’s affair was discovered, I was depressed, and it was Yuzuru, a friend of her son, who expressed his love for me in clumsy words. I was swayed by his honest feelings, and even though I knew it was unforgivable, I found myself feeling less and less guilty as the younger boy asked me over and over again. Ta. The relationship was supposed to have started with feelings for her husband, but day by day, her feelings for him grew stronger.

Date: February 11, 2024 Duration: 02:03:00
Pornstars: Shoko Matsumoto
Studio: Madonna

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