NGOD-203 This Is A Story About My Wife, Who Was In Agony In Agony During A Business Trip With Her Husband’s Boss, Who Is A Power Harasser And Who Is Physiologically Incapable Of Doing Anything, And Was Pounded With A Huge Cock, And Despite Putting Up A Go


One day, her husband, an office worker who works hard late into the night, came home with his boss, Managing Director Kudo. When I heard about it, I heard that he was going on a local business trip to a branch office outside the prefecture starting next week, and for some reason, Managing Director Kudo had asked his subordinate’s wife, Kaho, to accompany him on that business trip. She was a confused wife, but when her husband asked her to help him evaluate her promotion, she reluctantly agreed. Then, the following week, at a hot spring inn in the mountains, her boss asked her to entertain him in an obscene manner.

Date: February 11, 2024 Duration: 02:01:00
Pornstars: Ruisa Miyakozuki
Studio: Skyu Shiroto

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