REBD-813 Time For Gal Gal Heaven!!・TIME


The star of this work is AIKA! ! Speaking of gals, this person is a beautiful slender F-cup woman with tanned skin and perfect eyes! ! The black gal world legend joins the long-awaited REbecca image, and the setting is a certain island in the tropical island of Okinawa. The reason why flashy costumes and make-up suit her is because AIKA herself has a beautiful face that shines just as brightly. She is bright, lively, open, and sometimes moist and bewitching… under the gentle sun of the southern island, she shows off her true charm to the fullest. AIKA highly recommends the quality of the work, saying, “We worked hard to shoot outside in the strong wind, and we put a lot of effort into this work, so I want you to watch it 100 times!!” ! A heaven on earth where you can enjoy AIKA, a brown girl who works hard, is cheerful and innocent! !

Date: February 11, 2024 Duration: 01:14:00
Pornstars: Aika
Studio: REbecca

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