VAGU-264 A Pub, A Soap, A Men’s Beauty Salon… No Matter Which Store You Go To, A Mother Who Dotes On Her Son Will Come To You For Full-course Adult Entertainment Kana Morisawa


Kana is a mother who loves her only son, Kota, but is annoyed by him. Kana wants to somehow get her attention, so she invites Kota out on a date, but Kana’s shy son turns him down because of how he treats her with salt. An even more shocking truth hits Kana, who is depressed. Kota had made a reservation at a pub. She can’t allow her doting son to have sex with a woman he doesn’t know. Her mother, who has aggravated her possessiveness, goes ahead to her shop and plots a plan to become her son’s exclusive prostitute…

Date: November 24, 2023 Duration: 01:40:00
Pornstars: Kanako Ioka
Studio: VENUS

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