VEC-621 My Wife’s Best Friend Izumi Yamagishi Came To Lecture Her Unfaithful Husband Who Was Found Out To Be Cheating On Him.


“What? Is the big dick the reason for the cheating?” When Izumi is consulted about her husband’s cheating habits, which have not been cured even after marriage and have only gotten worse, she is overwhelmed by the unexpected cause of the cheating. That can’t be true. Izumi gets angry at the lame excuse. “Why don’t you show me that cock you’re so proud of?” At that point, he decided to lie just to make up for it. Izumi was grinning with the intention of making fun of him, but what jumped out in front of him was a huge dick that was far bigger than he expected. Izumi, captivated by the splendid, shiny black Ichimotsu, plots to take out her frustrations on him.

Date: November 24, 2023 Duration: 01:43:00
Pornstars: Izumi Yamagishi
Studio: VENUS

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